NJ Bowhunters Hall of Fame

1st NJ Bowhunters Hall of Fame Inductee Len Cardinale (C) with (L to R) Phil Muller and Jack Spoto.

The New Jersey Bowhunters Hall of Fame's purpose is to recognize New Jersey’s pioneering bowmen as a means to record their contributions to the rich history of the sport of Bowhunting and Archery here in New Jersey. Not only are Bowhunters recognized but also recognized are individuals from New Jersey that have made a major impact on the archery industry as well.


The first New Jersey Bowhunters Hall of Fame Inductee, Len Cardinale pictured above, was inducted in 2005. This occurred at the first UBNJ New Jersey Bowhunters Game Dinner and it is at this annual event that the New Jersey Bowhunters Hall of Fame continues its proud tradition of recognizing Bowhunting and Archery Icons from the Garden State.


Nominees to the New Jersey Bowhunters Hall of Fame achieve induction status based upon a majority vote of the NJ Bowhunters Hall of Fame Committee. In certain instances, more than one nominee may be inducted. The Elececting body is composed of the Members of the UBNJ NJ Bowhunters Hall of Fame Committee and the UBNJ Executive Board. Inductions will be conducted at the NJ Bowhunters Game Dinner following the year the vote is taken.


Individuals and organizations are encouraged to submit a nomination form detailing aspects of a candidate’s bowhunting/archery career. Nominations should be received no later than September 1st of each year and should be sent to HOF@ubnj.org.

Inductees By Year

Class of 2005

Lenny Cardinale

Class of 2006

Bill Wadsworth & Robert McDowell

Class of 2007

Leonard Lee Rue III

Class of 2008

Jack Spoto

Class of 2009

Irene Bowers

Class of 2010

Bill & Jan Lockwood

Al Reader

Class of 2011

Dick Sage

Class of 2012

Vincent Mancini

Class of 2013

Phil Muller